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Thread: How do I disable Spybot S&D

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    Default How do I disable Spybot S&D

    This may be a stupid question. I recently attempted to update my Internet Explorer but was unsuccessful. One of the possible reasons given (by MS) is that I should temporarily turn off my anti-virus and spyware software before installing IE7. That is easy to do with my anti-virus but I have been unable to find a way to turn off Spybot. Is there a way to do that without uninstalling Spybot?

    Thank you.
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    That sounds like a relatively broad brush approach by whoever responded from Microsoft rather than try to narrow the cause down to a specific cause. To install IE7 You must be running Windows XP SP2 (or Vista) and I'll assume you are. When you encountered your unsuccessful attempt to update Internet Explorer, did you receive any messages that might possibly help in determining a cause of the failure?

    To answer your question directly without trying to rehash what you covered with Microsoft, there are two resident features with in Spybot can be activated or deactivated by going into Spybot » Mode » Advanced Mode » Tools » Resident. Under the heading "Resident protection status" you will see:
    • Resident "SDHelper" (Internet Explorer bad download blocker) active.
    • Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection of over-all system settings) active.

    If the features are checked (activated) they can be deactivated by un-checking them and if they un-checked (deactivated) they can be activated by checking them.

    The following feature is an Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object (BHO) that gets loaded into Internet Explorer when it starts:
    • Resident "SDHelper" (Internet Explorer bad download blocker) active.

    However, I don't remember deactivating either of those two features when I updated from Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 7.

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