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Thread: RichEdit line insertion error

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    Default RichEdit line insertion error

    Within the past few months or so I've been getting a red-X "RichEdit line insertion error" (screenshot) on my WinME system (oddly enough, *not* on my isolated Win98 system) in the Tools -> System Startup section. The comments in the pullout panel have always been a bit 'funky' (links and formatting rendered as strictly plaintext), but the information has often been invaluable in determining a course of action. Sadly, since the functionality has been impaired by the "RichEdit line insertion error", I'm pretty much in the dark when a new startup item is presented (or when checking current entries against look-alikes - example SysTray.exe, where a wealth of info was to be had from the pullout panel).

    Have looked around some and gleaned that RichEdit is somewhat of a format-universalizer for making text readable in different platforms, but have no idea of why I'm getting this error or how to fix it (other than re-installing the OS, lol). Just did a 'clean' de/re-install of SSD v1.5.2.20 per md usa's comprehensive instruction here .. and the error still persists.

    (slightly OT nit-pick) The installer may still be messing up by a wee small hair - Startmenu shortcut for ..\Help\English.chm has an extraneous .tutorial (English.tutorial.chm) in it as installed. Perhaps for localizations?

    Anyhow, would much appreciate any help or pointers on fixing my RichEdit issue ...

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    Looks like you may have found at least part of the reason for the resource issues with 9x/ME based systems. My own searches found this old thread which mentions a possible fix for the developer.

    Unfortunately, there's likely not much you can do about this yourself, except maybe by reducing your other use of resources as much as possible by closing other programs and reducing items in startup. Even this appears to not help in some cases though, possibly due to old inefficient video drivers that cause overhead in the GDI resource areas.

    The best thing anyone can do is dump any old 9x/ME OS systems and either upgrade to Windows XP while it's still available or move to Vista if your system has the required horsepower.

    You'll find another thread here somewhere where PepiMK mentions that the installer has some known issues with 9x systems. All of this is happening because Microsoft has dropped support for 9x/ME and so have almost all other developers. This is entirely appropriate since there is no sane way to properly protect these systems without any updates to the OS itself. By now there are probably hundreds of known exploits available for these OS with absolutely no way to get them fixed. Using them for anything serious like banking or anything else where personal information is involved is simply stupid.

    I feel for anyone who is unable to afford a better system, but the risk being taken could cost the owner hundreds of times the cost of a cheap new system that has a current OS. Unless the system is a toy doing nothing but general browsing or gaming with absolutely no personal information EVER involved, anyone with $400 could fix this all in an instant.



    I've been working with richedit in a text editor for a while now, but it

    seems that if the file gets to big, I start getting the following error:

    Exception class EOutOfResources with message 'RichEdit line insertion

    If someone out there could help me please with possibilities as how I
    could solve this problem I would be very greatful.


    Mathys J. van der Merwe
    SoftMark Enterprises
    If you have lots of forms open, or on the autocreate list, each control,
    even though not showing, will use resources. You can take some forms off the
    autocreate list and create them using "new" at showtime.

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