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Thread: newbie f#@$ed-up - need help

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    Default newbie f#@$ed-up - need help

    I have a new (to me) computer and need pro help have a worm and virus I don't know enough about computers to get rid of them. I don't really know how these forums work but I have been reading the AVG site and this site and have realized that I have probably screwed up by deleting files I have msn messenger if u can get me on there that would be great ... I know I shouldn't give out my email addy so I figure any administrator should be able to get my addy. if not post me and tell me how to get it to you so we can talk and perhaps we can fix this computer under pro instruction

    the problems have been identified by AVG as:
    trojan horse IRC/backdoor.sdbot.myx
    and worm/Generic IQ

    something that keeps comming up on Spybot is:
    FakeMSN8Beta - which is attached to the trojan horse I think

    I am running windows xp

    protected by:
    AVG Free (latest version whatever it is)

    any advice would be very appreciated ... many thank-yous to whoever can help me with this

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    Sorry to hear of the problem you are experiencing.

    If you are not being helped at another forum, please go here and follow instructions.
    Before you post a log, and who will advise you.

    Start a topic here:
    Malware Forum

    Someone will then take a look at the system and advise you.

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