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Thread: Search & Destroy Check Stalls

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    Default Search & Destroy Check Stalls

    The last three checks, the check has stalled at: Running bgot check (139643 - 154829 Zlob I checked with PC Tools Spyware Doctor which does not find this file, either. What do I do to resolve this problem.

    Hugh Pierce

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    Lightbulb Meanwhile Exercise and Be Patient

    There are some posts about it.
    One of the suggestions is to exclude it.
    I have 3 different PCs, one of them is an old-good one W98 SE (500Mhz, 500Mb)
    As I knew about this issue, I just quit all other appls that I actually didn't need at the moment. Start the Spybot scan and... I did some exercise (fixed bike) it took hours to finish but now I know everything is fine.
    If I can do it, you sure can too, just choose the right moment to start it, for example if you don't want to exercise, start it before your meal...
    Other thing that can help is to provide more info about your operating system, memory, and the concurrents applications, so the "gurus" can help you more quick and efficiently.
    Hope this help you to work-around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becky View Post
    ...One of the suggestions is to exclude it.
    This might be one of the solutions. It would be best to run a Spybot-SD scan when the computer is at minimal activity. Say like when you are not using, and you can let it scan while you have dinner/lunch/supper etc.

    1. Are you using the latest version of Spybot-SD (
    2. What is your OS (operating system)?
    3. Have you performed a defragment on your drive? Have you cleaned the cache, temp. files, and cookies in your browsers?

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