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Thread: windows integration S&D v.2

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    Question windows integration S&D v.2

    the windows integration (contextual menu in windows explorer) don't work

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    Hello binet,
    Quote Originally Posted by binet View Post
    the windows integration (contextual menu in windows explorer) don't work
    In what way doesn't it work please.
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    The 64 bit integration does not appear; here, we've been waiting for a fix for our development environment.

    If your issue is different, as tashi said, please explain
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    Default Explorer Crash in Win 7 Using SS&D 2 Beta 5

    I am running Win 7 Ultimate, and since I installed SS&D 2 Beta 5 I have had a problem with Windows Explorer crashing whenever I right click on a folder to create a new subfolder. I used ShellExView to see what BHO's and shell extensions were installed, and found that the SS&D context menu integration module SDECon32.dll was the culprit. I disabled it, and have had no further problems with opening the Explorer context menu using right click.
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