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Thread: Install can't resolve www.

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    Default Install can't resolve www.

    When trying to install 1.52 I get the following error message:

    Download: Setup is now downloading additional files to your computer.
    File: updallocator.php (1 of 1)
    Status: resolving

    When this times out I get a popup that says:

    Error sending request.
    The server name or address can not be resolved.

    I was able to install 1.4 and when it completed it tried to update to 1.52 and I got the same error messages. How do I fix this?

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    The problem seems to be caused by certain firewalls blocking access to the internet without notification. The solution to this problem is to skip trying to updating during the installation and update after the installation, making sure that you authorize program SDUpdate.exe to access the internet via your firewall.

    Please read my suggestion in post #5 of this thread:

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