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Thread: Missing Export NETAPI32.DLL

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    Question Missing Export NETAPI32.DLL

    Hi, I just Installed RegAlyz on my W98 SE.
    The installation finished correctly, but when I try to start it, the attached messages appears (sorry, but I had to save it as Monochrome because the size limitations )

    Can someone give me an advise?

    (Bye the way, how do other people can insert images on the text? I had to attach it and then use the URL to includes it here, is that the correct way?)

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    Today I will learn something (and tell others about...)
    -XP SP3 4Ghz 4Gb
    -XP SP3 2Ghz 768Mb
    -W98 SE 500Mhz 500Mb
    All w/ZoneAlarm, Firefox, Spybot 1.6.2, Avast! 4.8 Home (Ex AVG 7.5)

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