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Thread: My comp turn off when I run Spybot

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    Unhappy My comp turn off when I run Spybot

    Please Help! I have some problem with one malware (I think). What happends: (sorry, My english is very bad, I am Hungarian). When I run Spybot (up-to-date), everithing is ok, but when he coming to Pestbot, My comp turning off, like its no electrical energy. After I try to turn on, I must 5-25 times press "on", the comp start, 1-2 sec run, then turn off. After 5-25 time he turning on. I will try Microsoft's security prog to remove it, but hapends the same thing! In last one week my comp turning off 1-2 times/day, like no, I don't no why. Please, if somebady can, help me...
    When I run AVG, everithing is ok, he find nothing.
    Can Pestbot doo this? Or what?

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    Spybot is quite CPU intensive and it is possible that the CPU overheating and the system is shutting down to protect the processor.

    Skeptical? If you doubt that this can be the cause of a shutdown during a Spybot scan, read the following:

    1. Make sure that the fans are running and that dust is cleared from any ventilation ports in the case.
    2. For desktops (See Caution! below):
      • Consider opening the case and checking to make sure the CPU heat sink is not dusty or loose.
    3. For laptops (See Caution! below):
      • If your owner's manual tells you how to open the case (IBM ThinkPads and Dell Inspirons generally do), consider opening the case and checking to make sure the CPU heat sink is not dusty.
      • If you have a laptop with one of the one of the following processors:
        • Mobile Pentium III-M
        • Mobile Pentium 4-M
        • Mobile Pentium 4
        • Mobile Pentium M / Centrino
        • Mobile AMD

        Take a look at following suggestion by 100mill:

    • Before open the case on any PC make sure that you read the owner's manual for that specific PC. This is extremely important not only for your well being due to electrical hazards but also for your PCs well being due to the possibility of static electricity discharges that can damage your PC.
    • There is a tutorial on cleaning desktop computers here:
    • If you are in the least bit hesitant about opening the case of your PC, please err on the side of caution and seek professional help.

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    Default Thank You, I will try to clean it.

    Thank You, I will try to clean it.

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    Default I will clean it, it will be VERY dusty.

    Now, I will run my lovely Spibot, after I coming.

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    Thumbs up Everithyng is OK! Fixed problem!

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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    Exclamation SPYBOT MADNESS!! :flame:

    I have had Spybot for a little while now, and I have had no trouble with it. It has even removed tricky viruses and spyware for me. However, recently I have tried to run spybot. About 40,000 scans in, the whole computer shuts down. I have read some of the other forums on here, and people have suggested updating the software, or checking for overheating problems. I have checked these, but to no avail. I am worried about this, so please respond quickly!!

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    I note that ForteCrossBuster has also started his own thread about this problem, see

    Perhaps to avoid confusion, any replies about his problem should be placed there.

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