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    I recently opted to include the tea timer with my latest spybot update.
    This is very confusing addition to my security measures. How do I get access to the tea timer to adjust the settings? How do I turn it off? I don't know what to allow anyway... Even when i was getting a windows update (shoulda known i guess) I refused many registry changes not realizing it may have been necessary for the windows update? did I maybe screw up my Win XP Service Pack 3 update?
    I am very bewildered here and would appreciate a rundown on the controls and especially the reccommended usage patterns for this software. I am concerned also that it is a process which uses a lot of ram second only to internet explorer. If I am going to leave it running I need to know what I am doing here. Any help is appreciated.


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    Hello michael.

    What version is your Spybot-SD? The latest is What is your OS?

    I know, TeaTimer can be a bother sometimes with the numerous prompts. What I would suggest is that when you update your computer, such as updates from Windows Update, temporarily disable TeaTimer.

    To disable TeaTimer, run Spybot in ADVANCED MODE. Go the MODE>ADVANCED MODE. Click OK when there is a warning.

    Find TOOLS > RESIDENT and find TeaTimer (overall protection of system settings). Untick it and then TeaTimer will be disabled.

    This link gives a brief insight of what TeaTimer is and what it does.

    If you have further questions let me know.

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    ^ drragostea the user posted
    Win XP Service Pack 3 update?
    So user is apparently using XP OS

    Michael, if the teatimer is running (shows in systray) you can right click on the teatimer processor icon in the systra you will get a list of context menus. One of these options is to "deactivate" along with other options.

    Otherwise to not allow teatimer to startup in the first place drragostea supplied the info you need to know for this. By "unticking" (unchecking) teatimer will not launch.

    Also, Michael, you mentioned you did not allow registry changes when doing a "windows update" (not sure what update you are referring to but I think you were speaking of the XP service pack 3 update) - it is very important to know that whenever you are doing anything like "legit" "updates" or "installs" of any kind they will often need to make registry changes and if you "block" these changes then the actions that you are intending to do will not be done correctly.

    You could try updating the service pack again but it may possibly say it is already installed in which case you will need to uninstall the service pack and re-install... I would recommend you check a Microsoft Web site for help regarding this.

    My impression is that you had teatimer running and you were doing the update and got these messages regarding registry changes and in your mind to be safe you elected to not allow them.

    Keep in mind that teatimer is a very good protection and will notify you when something is making changes to the registry (among other things) but whenever you are doing something that you expect would need to do this always allow changes. Also if you have applications that you use that you are familiar with and feel are safe if they need to make changes you should allow the changes to the registry in these cases as well. Basically it is in cases where you are not expecting any changes to your registry and it would appear to be suspicious, in most cases however the changes are legit.

    About the only changes I've not allowed on by teatimer is when I see home page redirects for example.
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