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Thread: Feedback on auto-rating startup entries please

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    Question Feedback on auto-rating startup entries please

    I already mentioned it in the beta 2 topic, but would like up-to-date feedback on a special issue.

    Newbie user side: we do notice that many users are not comfortable making decisions in TeaTimer.

    Pro user side: even whitelisting security applications only has brought us many complaints from very advanced users who say that they want to control what is allowed, and what is not.

    Proposal: we've been collecting anonymous information on system startup etc. entries for years through RunAlyzer. That database has grown to ~ 688k entries, with nearly 400,000 of them already rated. Overview and search function here. We're also going to allow the community to help rating there probably.

    Now to satisfy both sides mentioned above, checking against this list could be made optional of course. The bigger downside would be a huge database that would needed to be added to the installer, maybe to updates as well (about 7 MB currently, already compressed). Do you feel this feature (which is in the 2.0 codebase anyway, but I'm talking about the immediate 1.6 future) would be worth it?
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    Hi, haven't tried the beta yet but am about to start. Just my opinion:

    I think the feature is good, there are lots of posts in the SB forums about accepting teatimer popups.
    Now, I would say on the resident page in the advanced page, the option to include the safelists be included by default, with advanced users allowed to choose the following options:
    Normal (Silent blocking/Allowing);
    Blacklist only (Only block bad changes, good changes produce the normal option box, allowing choice & always remember decisions...);
    No automation (always ask, just like now).

    The updates file would be like the others I guess? (just including changes??) If it's small, it would be an auto-ticked update (like the immunize file), if it was big (7mb!) then it would be unticked, but have Recommended: in front?

    - Chris

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