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Thread: Quick Time is stronger than Spybot (and I hate that!)

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    Default Quick Time is stronger than Spybot (and I hate that!)

    It seems no matter what virus or spyware or application control software I try, Quick Time defeats them all. I hate the fact that whenever I view a file via Quick Time, it adds itself to the Windows Start up.

    How does Quick Time do this? How does it get around every product I've tried? How come even Spybot can't keep it from auto loading in my system?

    I admit, I wouldn't be surprised if this is "user error", but so far, I haven't been able to stop it. Every time it's used, I need to go back into Spybot-->Tools-->System Startup and get rid of it.

    Any ideas anyone? Surely others must have fought this battle with Quick Time before and won (unlike me). Thanks,

    Joe (joemagiera at ameritech dot net)
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    Actually no. I have QuickTime (force installed with iTunes) with TeaTimer active. What version is your Spybot (HELP>ABOUT)?

    TeaTimer will alert you of changes (addition or deletion) or start-up entries. When the 57MB file was executed, TeaTimer prompted me of the addition of start-up entries by QuickTime.

    Is TeaTimer on? It will not alert you of changes if it is off (default), you have to turn it on by yourself.

    My solution to you is to run "msconfig" (without quotes), and find the QUICKTIME entry. Uncheck that entry and restart (or later if you prefer), QuickTime should not initiate upon next restart.

    If TT prompts of the deletion of the QuickTime entry allow it.

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