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Thread: Spybot S&D with other AV

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    Question Spybot S&D with other AV

    Can Spybot Search & Destroy reside on the same system with other antivirus apps like "Symantec AntiVirus", "Avast! AntiVirus", etc.?

    There was a warning about Lavasoft Ad-Aware that I understood to mean to be aware of false warnings.

    Are there any other conflicts or exceptions? I have Avast! running and wondered if that's okay. Thanks.

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    Yes,you can run Spybot with an antivirus.Spybot is an antispyware app,so it's best if people using Spybot S&D do also have an antivirus application installed.

    You shouldn't have problems having both Avast and Spybot installed.

    There's a compatibility page here:

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