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Thread: Can't boot after v1.5.2 installation

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    Quote Originally Posted by walker View Post
    My feelings exactly...posted by someone with a greater command of the language...thank you!!
    It seems like a lot of trouble to create a UserID simply to add one post but that is what I am doing. First of all I want to say, as did Walker, “Well said Mopeyone!”

    I was lucky enough to fix the SpyBot damage with the so-called Method 2. One of the first actions, once I got my system back, was to delete all traces of SpyBot. I MAY return to the program someday but it is doubtful. I’ve deleted Spybot not so much because of what the program does or doesn’t do but because of the attitude of some of the support people here. In reading the posts it is obvious that some have attempted to be and have been helpful but it is also obvious that some of these people really should not be filling any type of support role.

    The people behind Spybot should take a look at how Grisoft updates AVG, how Zonealarm rolls out updates and how Lavasoft rolls out Adaware. And they really need to take a look at who is doing support and move some of them to some backroom somewhere.

    I've been following this problem from the start. I lost two days of computer usage but did not have to give up my entire weekend as I had feared. I know I am not a techie. I am more of a button pusher who follows instructions from my company's tech support teams while helping out here and there.

    As I said earlier it seems like a lot of trouble to post one message. I'm not following the forum any longer as I am not running Spybot but I did want to offer moral support to Mopeyone. You are probably more tech-savy than most of the people out there. You are certainly more articulate!

    Good luck.

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    Default Thanks!

    Walker and Nothere Long - Thanks for posting your support. I hesitated to write, but I just had to get it out of my system. There are so many of us out here who have been totally frustrated with this issue - and who will, unfortunately it seems, continue to be frustrated as long as computer technology exists. I have and continue to feel your pain, so spoke for us all!

    Nothere Long - thanks for citing the specific spyware companies who have done a great job alerting users to system vs. definition updates. We caught the latest Adaware update clearly, and updated immediatly. If only....

    Good luck out there, fellow technology captives - We shall endure!

    "Life is too short to be aggravated by non-human things!"

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    Angry Spybot caused the computer problems

    Spybot caused the computer problems that I'm hearing on this board, AND I CAN PROVE IT!! SPYBOT IS FINISHED!!!!

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