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You don't trust in a software just because it promotes a tool bar ; ). What I don't like about SAS's individual file scanner is that it simply doesn't work. It's crippled. It takes some secs to scan a file. And it reports as 1 file scanned.

Actually the toolbar is created by Comodo theirselves, just that the search engine is based on Ask.com.

WinPatrol doesn't warn about EVERY software installed ; ). You're misunderstanding. It usually has less prompts than TeaTimer.

What you're saying is false. When you purchase the software it prompts the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS. That way you won't purchase something accidentally.

I don't buy security software because the suites are more like memory giants. : )
when i scanned a file with sas it rapported that only one file was scanned, but there was several files inside.

what they say about system requirements doesnt matter if it doesnt work on my computer, even if having a computer that meets the requirements. yes some of them use very much memory.