hi. i have some suggestions to spybot, i can see that i have 11 hostsfile backups in the hostsfile folder, maybe they can be removed by spybot so we dont have to do that manually because the folder is just growing and growing and some people maybe dont know the folder is growing, i mean it is just necessary to have just one backup.

the other one is that maybe the installation wizard can ask if you want to disable the dnsclient to avoid slow browsing speed, maybe someone dont understand why their browsing is a bit slower than before. and it have been great to have a hostsfile server to serve up images or empty images to make the browsing even faster, and to avoid to having to hit the backbutton in the browser several times to get back to where people was, but that happenes only sometimes and mostly when a ad or something is blocked on the site they are visiting, maybe you should link to hostsman wich has a hostsserver and is able to download other hostsfiles and then we just merge spybots hostsfile to the others, that will be even more protection than we had before. i use hphosts and mvpshosts together with the spybot hostsfile and almost never see ads and other annoyances.

its sad to see poor test results by spybot on the calendarofupdates site made by donna, but i love spybot anyway and will never stop using it, and i hope that all the tools and immunize will never be removed from spybot

and maybe the logs should be not only in the advanced mode, but in the standard mode, to be easy for newbies to delete them when they are not needed anymore, to avoid the growing of the logs endlessly.

is it safe to remove the usage tracks found by spybot?

maybe you should go together with the makers of hphosts, mvpshosts, hostsman, spywareblaster, ccleaner and an antivirus to make a powerfull security suite