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    when i am doing my daily scans on my computer some of the things that i want to remove i cant because they are still in use. you should add a prosses kill feature into spybot so that u dont have to restart your computer to remove them.
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    There's a bunch of process kill features in there
    Tools.dll, responsible for removing files, has about two dozen steps for that purpose. Trying to terminate a process is among the easist of them (renaming a file before deleting it also helps with running files, and a lot of other things).

    One common case where we did disable this again though is if DLLs are in use. The application that keeps them in use could run havoc if the DLL is suddenly missing, and many DLLs plug into Windows Explorer or other official applications that might then crash or behave unexpected.

    Both terminating processes and unloading modules are available from the Tools -> Process List page as well, but the later is not used in file removal due to the aforementioned reason - the risks would just be too big.
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