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Thread: Immunization against the Right Media tracking cookie

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    Default Originally posted by Egret

    Right Media is NOT fixed, it is simply not detected but still present on you system. You just told Spybot to not show it, although it is there.
    Yes, I understand that "Right Media" is still in my system, BUT it no longer shows up on my scans every time. Thus I do not have to deal with it time after time after time, so I'm very happy about that.

    Thanks for clarifying this for others that may not have realized it still resides in the system.

    Regards ~ Egret

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    Default Right Media


    I read some of the forums about "Right Media". Everytime my computer runs slow, I scan it with spybot and it finds "Right Media" as a problem. I fix it, and the computerīs processing velocity returns to normal. I have been noticing that everytime I enter "Martha Stewart" page, instantly, my computer starts taking more time than usual to do things. Then, I run spybot and I get, again, that my computer has the "Right Media" problem!! How can I inmunize my computer so that I can enter "Martha Stewart" page without the risk of getting infected?? This cookie definitely makes my computer extremely SLOW!!!

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