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I gonna get some sleep. It is really late over here. I hope you was able to find the registry backups. If not, whatever. Your system is at least running. Just install all the drivers, software and updates again. I know, it will take several hours again but at least you really have a good reason to be angry, spending over 48 hours with repairing the system.

Have a good night and at least a wonderful sunday!

P.S.: Wonderful, no backups.. Please don't forget to make a backup of your data before you wipe out the disk. I'm sorry that I wasn't helpful at all. In the next life we will just try it with unplugging the hard disk. It is much easier because you don't have to use command lines.
You too....thanks again!! .....please don't say that you weren't helpful...you certainly were....at least I can get out my data....and move on quickly now!!

P.S. ...yes...I will get all my word docs., etc. out and re-install.