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Thread: Stuck in Windows loop

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    Smile I found a solution

    I did not read this whole thread so I apologize if someone else found this solution. I had a client who recently had this same issue. He updated his Spybot and could not log on afterwards. So I tried UBCD but could not write to the NTFS partition. So I looked around and I BartPE which allowed me to create a Windows XP boot CD.

    Then following their instructions on their site I loaded the software hive from the boot drive made the change to the Userinit section unloaded the hive and rebooted. Viola

    It took me longer to create the boot CD then it actually took to fix the problem but I know I will keep that CD in my toolbox for another time.

    The only comment I have about Spybot is I never really cared for it because I had issue with it before. Do not get me wrong it is a good tool but you like any other tool (free or not) you have to be careful and vigilant. Hope this helps someone.

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