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Thread: Spybot-S&D 1.6, Release Candidate 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by PepiMK View Post
    Well, spikes on registry changes might mean that any files associated with the registry change are scanned. Spikes staying permanently at 99% cpu are not normal of course.
    Unfortunately, at least on some systems, it does stay at 99% until I manually kill it.

    And even on the systems where it does recover, it takes a minimum of 1 minute to do so (sometimes much longer) - and the system is unusable during that time because of the CPU load. That's probably too long to just be associated with any normal and valid TT activity.

    Please take a look at the other thread when you get a chance for the full details. Since it doesn't generate any error messages, I'm not sure what information you would need - but I imagine it must be related to the previous TT crash that was fixed.


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