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Thread: Spybot-S&D 1.6, Release Candidate 2

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    What's the deal with spybotsd_includes.exe? What is in that file and why does it have to be downloaded during installation? Can't whatever is in there be bundled into the installer so it can be a true stand-alone install package?

    The reason I ask is that I saw a problem with the RC2 installation relating to this file. I don't know if it's a true "bug" or not though.

    On an XP SP3 system, I was watching the install and it got to the point where it wanted to download spybotsd_includes.exe. But something went wrong (I don't know what) and it didn't download. The download progress bar never even started. The panel appeared, hung around for a few seconds, and then disappeared without having downloaded the file.

    Now since this file is obviously needed for the installation, I would have expected the installer to abort at this point - but it didn't. It just kept going until a command prompt window suddenly opened and the install froze.

    I did take a screenshot, but unfortunately the clipboard got flushed before I saved it. From what I recall, the DOS window title referenced a subdirectory under my %TEMP% directory and a file name like SPYBOT~1.EXE. I also recall a flashing cursor rapidly jumping around between various locations all throughout that DOS window. During this time, the main installer panel was open in the backgroud.

    I waited about 5 minutes to see if anything would happen, but then finally just manually closed the DOS window. As soon as I did, the main installer kicked in again and finished - even telling me Spybot-S&D had installed successfully and I needed to reboot.

    Surprisingly, after the reboot Spybot-S&D seemed to work fine. Of course I reinstalled anyway to be safe, but no obvious problems existed.

    I looked for an installation log file, but couldn't find one.

    If it matters, I was installing over an active RC1 installation.

    Is this perhaps a bug of some sort? I assume the installer should abort if the spybotsd_includes.exe file download fails, correct?

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