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Thread: Fails to immunize Seamonkey

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    Question Fails to immunize Seamonkey

    I installed Spybot S&D 1.6 RC 2 on Vista 64 today. After updating the definitions, I tried to immunize for the first time. All the immunizations for Firefox, IE 32 and 64, and Windows Global Hosts went fine. It failed to immunize against all 26,531 threats in Mozilla Seamonkey 1.1.10, including 191 cookies, 8780 images, 8780 installations, and 8780 popups. No mater how many times I try to immunize, it always fails to immunize all 26,531 threats in Seamonkey. Even after a reboot it still won't immunize Seamonkey. Running Spybot as an administrator makes no difference as well..

    It recognizes Seamonkey in the Profile column of the immunize window when Seamonkey is closed but fails to immunize it against all 26,531 threats. When Seamonkey is open it does not even recognize Seamonkey in the profile column. Probably just a quirk in how Seamonkey works but I thought I would mention it.

    I am using Vista Ultimate 64 with 4 gB of ram, Kaspersky Internet Security, and Windows Defender.

    Thanks, JRW.

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    Default this may be stale, but ..

    .. it's not cleared yet. And the date seems proper for a 'fresh' SeaMonkey v1110.

    Hello jr, I too had a fresh install of SM (v1111) that was being recognized on SSD's Immunize page and yet would /not/ immunize in its virgin state. All it took for me was a roadtest on the `net and setting a few specific per-site permissions and blocks so that the file hostperm.1 (in the profiles dir, not in the parentdir) was 'populated' - SSD won't immunize an empty hostperm.1 .. so that's all it took for me.

    SeaMonkey's a very nice suite, but rather more trying to find the variety of working extensions and themes that Firefox luxuriates in .. which is both a good and not so thing. Best of Luck and you're certainly spot-on about the Prawn's quirks

    Also see for official info on the sqlite deal as well
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