As I have been able to sit down, have a cool drink, fix my hard drive and get back into using the computer as a computer and not a door stop I would like to share a thought on all that has happened;

SpyBot has been discussed to this is not the time to kick the little monster. He did me wrong...but so what????....everything is beautiful.

The real dog in all of this is truely Norton Systemworks and Norton Antivirus. Both programs that I have licenses for and purchased through retail channels with real money. Norton GoBack is a big turd. It really let me down should have operated like any other situation where a bad software install toasted a registry....I should have been able to restore to an earlier system state. Had Norton worked, all of this "hellzlittlespy" crap should not have happened. The reality is that bad installs are an ever present problem, hence the reason for GoBackio..........but workio.....Norton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!