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Thread: Spybot 1.6 can't immunize K-meleon!

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    Default Spybot 1.6 can't immunize K-meleon!

    I installed the new version 1.6 of Spybot - Search and Destroy today. Everything is OK and I noticed that S-S&D detected not only IE and Firefox but also the browser K-meleon in the Immunization tab. But K-meleon can't be immunized regardless how many times I click on the button Immunize. What would you say about this issue?

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    With the introduction of Firefox 3, Mozilla introduced a different file and file format where the immunization could be applied. Spybot-S&D may still support the older format which is also used by many other Mozilla-based browsers, but for better future compatibility, if it does not detect which version a browser profile belongs to, it defaults to the newer scheme, which older browsers do not use.

    That the profile version is not properly detected usually happens only with new profiles that have never been immunized with previous versions of Spybot-S&D, and never has any sites, cookies, etc. blocked manually (which I think is very rare). In that case, you can trick it to be detected as the older version.

    1. Browse to your browsers profile folder using Windows Explorer (or your favorite other file manager of course).
    2. Look for a file named permissions.sqlite and one named hostperm.1.
    3. If the former is shown as larger than 0 bytes, skip these steps.
    4. Delete the permissions.sqlite file that is 0 bytes large.
    5. Right-click the list, select New, then Text Document.
    6. Rename the new, empty, text document to hostperm.1 .

    This way, Spybot-S&D will detect the older style of immunization (it sees hostperm.1) and does know that you have not updated to the newest browser release (permissions.sqlite) yet. Where the later might not be your fault, afaik Firefox 3 is the first to use SQLite databases for this purpose and the others will probably still have to follow.

    I apologize for causing additional manual work, but this way the default will be safer the more other browsers browsers get up-to-date.
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    Smile SeaMonkey v1.1.11 follows

    Not to go off-topic, but it's all gecko more-or-less , even if FF3ng4ME

    Noticed that until the permissions.sqlite in SeaMonkey v1.1.11 was other than 'virgin' that immunization would not 'take' on a freshly detected SeaMonkey install. After a test drive on the `Net and the permissions.sqlite got modified, immunization was successful. My SeaMonkey also has a hostperm.1, but it's pretty small as it only contains entries for cookies.

    SeaMonkey is a bit more like FF than K-Meleon even in KM's v1.5.0RC, especially in where the default profile gets installed (unless you do the .7z option if I recall correctly). The available (non-.xpi) extensions for KM can be quite finicky also (although this may simply be me ).

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