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Thread: deskup.exe shown as CoolWWWSearch.hjg

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    Default deskup.exe shown as CoolWWWSearch.hjg


    I got a TeaTimer popup message saying that deskup.exe was CoolWWWSearch.hjg

    The log entry is:

    11/09/2008 2:24:55 PM Encountered and terminated CoolWWWSearch.hjg in C:\Program Files\Iomega\DriveIcons\Deskup.exe!

    I scanned this file manually and it was shown to be clean, and it has never been detected during a Spybot scan, so I think that the TeaTimer result was a false positive.

    OS: Win XP SP3 Home
    Browsers: Firefox 3.01 and IE 7
    Spybot: v1.6.0.31
    Update: 10 Sept 2008


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    thank you for reporting this false positive.
    Please email the file to with a reference to this thread so we can determine at which location our teatimer rules cause this false positive.
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