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Thread: Replace - not replacing string data

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    Default Replace - not replacing string data

    Using V1.5.8.10 on Vista Ultimate x64.

    I have moved my Adobe Reader install from C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\ to another partition as the Reader Installer very thoughtfully gives you no install location option. So I want to change all references of the original path to the new one in the registry.

    Using Search I have found all instances of \Adobe\. All found entries, all 540 of them(!), are ticked.

    In the Replace tab I have entered C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\ into the "Replace this:" field and E:\Utilities\Adobe\ into the "With this Text:" field, so only the first path of the filepath is changed. However, when I click Replace, nothing has been changed ie. "0 occurrences have been replaced".

    All the fields that need to be updated are String data, listed in the Data column. I don't know if this is related, but on the Results tab if first I "Deselect all", "Select data results" does not work, but "Select key results" does.

    Any ideas on this one?

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    That's indeed all related and a silly bug.

    Earlier versions had exactly one "type" of key and one "type" for values.

    1.5.something introduced different 32 and 64 bit key entries as well as global ones (see icon); and string values have a separate type (again, see icon) from regular data as well.

    Both the replace function and the selection option were selecting the basic types, not the newer ones, though

    Added a bugtracker entry here.
    New versions should be ready soon as I want to make the 1.6 OpenSBI Edition ones public
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    Thanks very much for the quick fix, look forward to the release.

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