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Thread: Spybot, Trojans 'include error logs'?

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    Default Spybot, Trojans 'include error logs'?

    I just updated and ran Spybot and got the following message:

    'There were problems in the include file C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search_Destroy\Includes\Trojans\sbi. see 'include errors log' for details'

    What does this mean? I hit OK. It continued scanning, then the same thing happened. I hit OK again and the scan completed. I fixed the 'dangerous' problems.

    I went to Start\C\Program Files\Spybot\Includes and it shows icons for all the updates that I downloaded today. I don't know where to find the 'include errors log'?

    Earlier threads say this may be resolved by downloading updates but I did that before I started. I am using Spybot version 1.4.

    Please advise & Thank You!

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    Hi. Any reason why you have not upgraded to Spybot-SD yet?

    The '' is the problem. The situation is that newer updates that were intended for newer versions of Spybot, when installed on older versions (v.1.4 commonly) would result in this message.

    However, no worries. You do not have any trojans.

    Also, what were those 'dangerous' items?
    Download Spybot-SD (latest version) at:

    To uninstall Spybot-SD 1.4 :Undo the immunization and disable SDHELPER and TeaTimer. Then uninstall Spybot completely via Add/Remove Programs window (Control Panel).

    Reboot the computer and upgrade.

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    Hello ConfusionReigns,

    md usa spybot fan responded to your topic earlier today here:

    If you have further questions on the subject matter please continue in that thread.

    Best regards.
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