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    Don't know if this was the right forum to post this in, but here's my problem. Installed SB 1.6 yesterday on a few computers and ran the updates and immunized them and ran a spyware scan. All seems good. Later i get a complaint that the computers won't let anyone sign in to They can visit the site fine, just can't login. So i undid the immunization and all works great. Any idea what's going on? I'd rather not leave these computers non-immunized. Thanks.

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    Spybot's immunization process adds to the registry to stop the storing of cookies from To see if the blocking of cookies from is causing the problem, try the following:
    • Go into Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet options > Privacy tab.
    • Then in the "Settings" section click the "Sites" button.
    • In the "Per Site Privacy Actions" dialog section near the bottom titled "Managed websites", scroll down to "" you will see that it says "Always Block".
    • Highlight the entry by clicking on it and then click the "Remove" button.
    • Back out of the dialogs by clicking "OK" followed by "OK".

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    Default why is Excite being blocked is the question

    many more

    what is excite's current policy

    do you really want your users going there?

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