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Thread: "Active X Dostribution Unit"

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    Spybot seems to be working fine, except:

    I've suddenly started getting warning boxes like this:
    Category: Active X Distribution Unit?
    Changed: Value Deleted

    Entry: 17492 etc., etc.

    The "Allow Change" button is highlighted, but the "Deny Change" button is grayed out, so you can click only the "Allow Change" button or the X at the uppper right. Clicking the X does nothing. Clicking "Allow Change" brings up another, similar warning.

    The only way to get rid of warning is to close Spybot.

    Many thanks for any suggestions.


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    During certain registry changes detected by TeaTimer the "Deny change" option is grayed out (is not an option). This appears to be the case on changes such as the removal of a Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) and ActiveX processes. Although this is speculation, I assume that the "Deny change" is grayed out because by the time TeaTimer recognizes the Registry change for these changes the underlying code for the BHO and/or ActiveX process has been deleted and therefore denying the change would do no good to save the BHO or ActiveX process from being deleted.

    I don't know what specifically stimulate the change but according to your post it was a "Value Deleted" as if the ActiveX process was being deleted.
    I don’t know what other information that I can provide. However, if you go into Spybot > Mode > Advanced Mode > Tools > Resident > then page (scroll) to the bottom of the listing it may provide more information than was conveyed:
    • Entry: 17492 etc., etc.

    Please note : If you close the registry change popup dialog without answering either "Allow change" or "Deny change" the registry change will be denied and as I indicated above this is not normally an option with certain registry changes.

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    Default From nighttrain

    Many thanks. Very helpful

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