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Thread: Alexa related? False positive?

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    Default Alexa related? False positive?

    Spbot 1.6, Win2Kpro - no evidence of malware, no computer problems (the end of a long cleanup of a recently purchased machine).

    I've read a bunch of alexa-related threads, and there clearly IS a problem with Alexa, but I don't have it, nor AFAIK any signs of it.

    Spybot flags my "related.htm" as "alexa related". The contents look like

    //Build the query

    //Perform simple check for Intranet URLs
    //this is where the http or https will be, as found by searching for :// but skip res:
    serverIndex=userURL.indexOf("/",protocolIndex + 3);

    //Check if Intranet URL - then open search bar

    if (urlresult.indexOf(".",0) < 1) userURL="Intranet URL";
    finalURL = RelatedServiceURL + encodeURIComponent(userURL);, "_search");

    So why is it a security risk? Am I missing some detail because I don't actually USE IE?

    And if I wish IE to search using Google instead of MSN search, what is the correct way to get Spybot to acknowledge it? Do I have to file it as an individual exclusion? And will this prevent Spybot from detecting if it is altered later by malware to something other than google?

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    thank you for reporting this issue. Spybot S&D was supposed to only find the file if it has been tempered by Alexa. Thus this will be confirmed as a false positive and fixed with the next update scheduled for next Wednesday.
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