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Thread: 1.6 Takes Over 12 Hours For Me, Then Freezes

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    I want to tell that also spyware terminator slowers scanning time nearly 2times.
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    dj.turkmaster thank you for the additional info.

    I received your mail and analyzed the gmer log. Unfortunately it looks pretty bad: 164 system files and 163 system services are marked as rootkits. This either means that these files are infected or that they are manipulated (for instance hidden) by the actual rootkit files.
    Since no malicious processes have been detected by gmer, it looks like the rootkit was successful in hiding these. That means that finding all traces of the rootkit and removing these will take a lot more effort than doing a backup and reinstall.

    If you have previous restore points you can return to you should try these first and then do another scan with gmer. Red entries in gmer usually refer to malicious rootkit activity. If you do not have clean restore points it would be the most save to backup you user data like documents, emails, bookmarks and then do a clean install of Windows.
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