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Thread: Need CLI parameter to suppress Temp clear

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    Exclamation Need CLI parameter to suppress Temp clear

    Spybot SD 1.6 adds a new feature, to clear temp files - and it seems as if this defaults to Yes if the pop-up dialog box is ignored.

    That's a problem when that dialog box pops up with unreadable text (looks blank, or just a few stray pixels) when running from Bart PE CDR boot - it falls through to act destructively. Bad news if your SOP is to redefine %Temp% within Bart sessions so as to collect current session activity to be retained!

    So we need a CLI parameter to suppress this behavior, or (ideally) re-position this feature as OFF by default, and something to be initiated from the "front page" rather than as an in-line nag on app startup.

    I do relocate Temp, TIF etc. from Bart boot to break links to any undetected malware there - but I want to retain this material for forensics, not have it irreversably auto-deleted.

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    If you want to disable the "DisableTempFolderCleaning" you have to use a tweak.

    To create such a tweak, create a registry value in the following location:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Safer Networking Limited\Tweaks\Application.exe\

    Replace Application.exe with the name of the executable it should affect, no paths used. Or, if you want the tweak to apply globally to all our products, simply use this path:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Safer Networking Limited\Tweaks\

    Use this tweak to completely skip the new function that tries to clear the systems temp folder to speed up scans:

    DisableTempFolderCleaning : REG_DWORD = 00000000 (default if not set)

    DisableTempFolderCleaning : REG_DWORD = 00000001 (does not offer temp folder cleaning on app start)

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    Team Spybot

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