Spybot’s ‘Advanced’ Search & Destroy menu and ‘Check for problems’ button, do not make it at all clear, exactly what hardware is being scanned ???

In fact, it’s as clear as MUD !

Upon starting a scan, I can only assume C drive is scanned… but I am left totally unclear about any D drive (internal) scanning or the other 5 removable 1Tera tertiary drives ?

Can I select individual drives to be scanned ?

I need to prevent introducing malware from removable drives.

All I can find in S&D menus is: – Settings / Directories / Download directory ???

Am I supposed to ‘drag & drop’ and use this option to scan drives D E F G H & I, then scan 7 Terabytes all in one hit (it will take days to complete a scan!) ???

Yet my ISP’s real-time anti-malware scanner (PC Guard) has a drive select menu.

I am sure that I saw the option in S&D v1.5 ???

Why can’t I find any ‘What’s New in Release vXX’ information notes’ anywhere ?

Thank you for any help.