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Thread: endless maps to open

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    Default endless maps to open

    If I search in my regester it hangs on a map with, what looks like, endless submaps to open. I wil ad a picture here to make it clear what I mean.

    My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Services\UPS

    Is there a skip option or is there another solution to it?


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    I see two things possible here;

    1. a slightly corrupt registry that returns an empty name for one of the subkeys of the UPS folder. I've seen that happen very rarely, but consistently.

    2. a registry key that is hidden using a rootkit method ("zero" letter as first letter of the key name), in which case you should scan using RootAlyzer and look out for any reports in that registry key.

    I'll counter issue 1 in the next update by not listing keys there any more. Issue 2 can only be detected with extra tools currently; I did add this feature request as an imho nice addition to RegAlyzer that would deal with this kind of situation.
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