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Thread: Computer Unusable after running Spybot

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    Default Computer Unusable after running Spybot

    I hope someone can help me with this, because I have NO idea whats going on. As much as I've used computers over the last ten years, nothing like this has ever happened.

    I downloaded and ran spybot today after having it recommended to me. After I installed it and ran it, it came up with the usual cookies and stuff, and about 6-7 things from WildTangent flagged. I went ahead and fixed everything, and it took care of it all, with the exception of about 3 WildTangent things that it said it couldn't fix because their process was running. It asked if it could run on the next restart in order to fix the several things it couldn't, and I clicked yes and restarted the computer Upon restart, it scanned and everything, but when Spybot shut down and the rest of my computer tried to load is when everything went to hell.

    My desktop would appear, and then start to load up the icons in the tray, and then suddenly the screen goes to something I can only describe as a blue rolling fuzz. It stays this way for a bit, and then the monitor goes black. I tried hard-booting the computer, and restarting several times and I get the same thing each time.

    At this point, I dont even know to to GET to anything in oder to fix it. If anyone has any idea what's going on, I would appreciate it GREATLY! Thanks in advance.

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    Seeing as you don't even state what version of Windows you are running it is not easy to advise you. It may also be important as to what type of monitor you are using.

    Does the "blue rolling fuzz" appear to contain anything from your own desktop even if highly distorted? If so the the symptom you describe COULD be due to a wrong video card setting that is outside the range that the monitor can handle. Restarting the computer in Safe Mode and resetting the video mode might work - or doing a System Restore from Safe Mode may also be an option.

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