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Thread: Manual Uninstall Spybot 1.6.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by wyrmrider View Post
    Hi Sweets
    great thread
    leave no turn unstoned
    I'm thinking prevention is more important than scanning later
    I'm on a 298SE dinosaur

    have you run
    Secunia software inspector and got all your apps up to date
    this will protect you as much or more than some of the things you have been discussing
    I see no service pack 3 BTW
    Jave- old java is VERY vulnerable remove ALL old Java and install the latest version

    Active x blocking with Immunize-
    People say: there is no free lunch
    Blocking Active x and putting a black list in your "restricted sites" zone is about as close to a free lunch as you can get.
    Me- Id install the SpywareBlaster lists also also

    Hosts file is also a very big win for very little resource utilization a baddie gets on your system he can't phone home
    What's not to like?

    Do you have a third party Firewall?
    XP does NOTHING to keep exploits from phoning home and inviting their friends to a party at your place! RAVE anyone?

    I do think you should run ONE real time protector
    T-timer is one choice
    Windows Defender from MS
    Spyware Doctor from GooglePack do not install all the other stuff

    BO Clean from COMODO- consider them also for your Firewall (or PC Tools)

    Spyware Terminator Free -do not install the AV and toolbar (and comes with a history- scanner is not Spybot class)
    all have advantages and disadvantages
    Those are about all of the Free Choices without getting into scumware
    here there is no free lunch- all take some resources- some more

    Spybot t-timer- good tool, lightest on resources, Free and does not come bundled with any other garbage where you have to uncheck the install boxes

    If you install any of the others just do not check t-timer
    but I think Spybot is essential for SD-Helper, Immunize, and a first rate scanner
    And- Spybot does not sell out under pressure

    What AV? (Have you ever had any other AV installed or preinstalled on your machine?

    Get Safe- stay safe
    or be ready to roll back/ rinstall

    are you using only IE?
    Hi, don't want to derail this thread, but it certainly has explained how S&D works and helps.

    Secunia is great if for nothing more than to let you know there are updates for the software available.

    So I have a couple of questions for this poster.

    I know nothing about Hosts Files, but I am intriqued by the statement that it keeps an app from calling out to the internet (presumably to itself).
    Can you explain this a bit more to me, or point me to a resource for info. My input into google must not be to their liking.

    Next item is Comodo BO Clean. This is for browser objects, right?
    I thought S&D took care of everything in that area. Does it miss something?

    You are right that there are free utilities out there that do some great things like S&D, but it is important to check them out first; and if they only duplicate what other software does with nothing added, then they are just taking extra resources (I do like SMALL apps)


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    Good questions rabbitchaser. Always more to learn.
    You might want to read this thread about Spybot (and includes a bit about the workings of the Immunization feature and how it utilizes the HOSTS file):
    Comodo's BoClean is primarily a anti-malware program. I'm not sure if it specifically covers Browser Objects (BHOs), but it does cover the execution of malware/trojans and terminates them. I haven't seen BoClean in action, because there hasn't been a prompt in ages .
    Quote Originally Posted by rabbitchaser
    I know nothing about Hosts Files, but I am intriqued by the statement that it keeps an app from calling out to the internet (presumably to itself).
    Actually no. You see, the point in putting entries in the Windows HOSTS files is to prevent "baddies" from getting in. In other words, it's a passive protection against "unwanted" parasites (that's how they say it).

    Benign and security applications are not placed in the HOSTS file.

    Say like a malicious site which has the potential to infect users would be called "".

    Spybot adds "" to the Windows HOSTS file via the Immunization feature, thus blocking access to the site (in case you clicked on it by accident [link]). Another example, would be that ""'s malicious application (toolbar) was installed without your knowledge. The toolbar can attempt to "call home", so it would be telling the author the specs and analysis of your system.

    If this becomes to tech-y or geeky just let me know.

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    The thread linked to by MD_USA_SPYBOT_Fan is excellent

    on BO clean
    I was talking aboutr prevention here not after the fact on demand scanners
    I have NOT seen a recent compariosn of BOCLEAN and T-Timer 1.6
    My point is that I that's IMHO think that all those without perfection need to have some form of Prevention depending on need and resources varing from T-timer to HIPS or VM

    Just run Immunize for an easy way for a host file against malware
    If you want to add Malware try HOSTSMAN who can download and manage several Hosts file providers and block arond 60,000 sites
    ( and make most internet pages load faster because all of the adserver requests are deflected to the bit bucket

    I am NOT certain of the Mix that T-timer blocks

    Spybot Immunize also blocks execution of malicious Active X files by setting the "kill bit" If you want more install Spywareblaster by Javacool or or there are a coupleof other programs (which are not as easy to use)
    again I have NOT seen a comparison of Immunize and Spywareblaster in Years- but who cares who sets the kill bit

    Immunize also places files in the IE Restricted sites zone
    to see this go to Internet Options - go to the Restricted ZONE and click "view files"-- would you really want to have any of these sites to have access to your computer?
    and if you do you could easily edit- or add
    Thre are additional Restricted sites lists such as IE-Spyad-however it has not been updated recently- ther are also specialiazed lists for "family values" etc

    IF you have been following several discussions you will know there is a line between protection and intrusion and speed
    there is no free lunch but Hosts and REstricted Sites and Activ-x kill bit blocks come close

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    Quote Originally Posted by wyrmrider
    BO Clean from COMODO- consider them also for your Firewall (or PC Tools)
    PC Tools?

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    Thanks for the replies, helps my understanding very much.

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