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Thread: 1: Reg change Alerts? 2: Duplication with AVG or ZA Services?

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    Default 1: Reg change Alerts? 2: Duplication with AVG or ZA Services?

    - I use Zone Alarm Free and AVG Free.
    - I like it that Zone Alarm advises me of any program on my PC trying to get on the net.

    Question 1:
    - I heard that Spybot will advise me of ANY program attempting to change the Registry... is that true? (I would like that feature I think)

    - I'm worried about duplication of services... like Zone Alarm Firewall & Windows Firewall (Had turn turn off Windows Firewall to use ZA)
    - And I think AVG monitors web surfing as it puts a green icon by each Google hit to let me know it is a safe website (does it do more?)
    - Does AVG or Zone Alarm or Windows duplicate any services with Spybot? (Even if Spybot does it better

    Thanks for any help.

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    Default you are fine :)

    1.) yes that is true. It will tell you about any program that attempts to change the registry. Unless it is known as a trusted program, it automatically allows it.

    2.) no you are fine. you should have no problems.
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    Mel_3. Re: Question 2.

    By default (in Windows XP SP2) ZoneAlarm firewall disables Windows Firewall after installation (&reboot), so you don't have to worry about that.

    The TeaTimer's general function (to me, is like your watchdog) which prompts you of critical registry changes: such as BHO (Browser Help Objects), the Startup Manager, homepage, toolbars, and the list goes on. Refer to FAQ 33:
    The "green" tick mark is AVG's LinkScanner function. It works more like a scanner which will tell you if the link is safe to proceed to.

    As for Spybot-SD, it's functions serve as a anti-spyware/malware program, as it detects malware, spyware, trojans, worms, dialers, and some rootkits. It also offers passive (Immunization feature) and active protection (SDHelper and partially TeaTimer).

    However, Spybot does not serve as a anti-virus program nor a firewall.

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