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    Default Help please :(

    Ok heres the deal, I recived a email this morning from blizzard (World of Warcraft game) stating that my user name and password has been changed and that it is under a 24 Hold, they think my account has been hacked.
    And this must be true because I never changed anything.
    So someone got passwords and other info off my computer (this is scary)
    I'm thinking my bank account is next...
    I ran Spybot and it found 2 issued Smitfraud-C and PassStealer.
    So I let Spybot clean the files..ran again and it showed nothing else.

    I use CA antivirus and was running a check at the same time spybot was running CA found nothing:(
    I then decided just to make me feel better I ran CA's spyware scan....Well it brought up 42 issues Most were tracking cookies but two that stuck out where.. Wowdowa A (Cn913 in the reg) and claimed it was a trojan. And KoolyNoody said this was a downloader?

    Should I be worried about these and does Spybot not detect these?
    I'm scared to do anything on my computer please help

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    Hello shaneo,

    Quote Originally Posted by shaneo View Post
    I use CA antivirus and was running a check at the same time spybot was running CA found nothing:(
    It is best not to have two scans running at the same time.

    There is not much information about Wowdowa A. Someone could take a look at the system and rule out a false positive, or assist in cleaning the machine.

    Please follow the procedure in this link: "BEFORE you POST"(READ this Procedure BEFORE Requesting Assistance)

    Start your own thread in the Malware Removal Forum A helper will advise you as soon as available.

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