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Thread: Userinit.exe issue

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    Default Userinit.exe issue

    Had a bit of a strange one.

    Using vista home premium sp1.
    Spybot 1.6.0 claimed I had the Win32 GGDoor nicety.

    Proceeded to modify my registry to compensate? On reboot the desktop would not start. Unable to run sys restore and had to run a new explorer task to be able to view desktop.

    Took me about half hour to suss out what had happened and fix it.

    Restored the so called malware using spybot restore function then checked the registry.

    AVG found nothing, yet spybot did?

    Not completely convinced I checked the registry which correctly reported userinit.exe in the correct key. Also checked the modification date of the userinit.exe which is Jan 08.

    Given that neither of these appear to hav been modified, I can only assume spybot got it wrong???

    Unless it fixed it and didnt restore it properly.

    Most odd?
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