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Thread: Error while scanning

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    Default Error while scanning

    I have a problem while scanning....
    My Spybot 1.4 (yes 1.4 the reason for not upgrading to 1.6 is below) keeps stopping at two points and says
    There were problems in the include file C:\Programs\Spybot - Search_Destroy\Includes\
    See "Include errors.log" for details
    There were problems in the include file C:\Programs\Spybot - Search_Destroy\Includes\

    Is this a problem?
    I have taken a look at

    Why haven't I updated to 1.6 is because I had immunization problems with 1.5
    Post is here...

    I recently downloaded the 1.6 version but Opera couldn't be immunized and no browsers were open when I immunized Spybot

    PC Specs
    Windows XP Pro Sp2, Pent 4, 512MB RAM
    ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall latest version
    Anti virus AVG 7.5
    Anti Spy Ad-Aware 2008, AVG, Spywareblaster.
    NB All Security Porgrams are updated daily

    Thanks in advance for your reply
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    As md usa spybot fan indicated in the first link, you are receiving the errors because if newer updates that were intended for later versions of Spybot-SD were installed older versions, it will cause detection compatibility problems.

    From your system specs. 512MB of RAM is sufficient (I have to say more than enough) to run Spybot-Search&Destroy.

    As for the issue of unable to Immunize the Opera 9.5.x Plugins section (even with Spybot-SD, I do not know why this is happening. Why don't you start a thread in the Spybot-SD Beta Forums?

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