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Thread: 'Malvertizement' epidemic...

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    Angry 'Malvertizement' epidemic...


    'Malvertizement' epidemic...
    18 August 2008 - "... Newsweek joins a growing list of name-brand websites accused of exposing its readers to dangerous ads. Last week, we reported on a new breed of ad that used malicious Adobe Flash code to hijack the clipboard of users' PCs., and other websites were said to be running the abusive ads... "It worries me that I am seeing complaints about malvertizing-like symptoms all over the net implicating - not only Newsweek, but at other big name sites like MSNBC, Facebook,, Hotmail, MySpace and Yahoo," Sandi Hardmeier, of the Spyware Sucks blog wrote here*. Hardmeier said the ads are extremely hard to spot because they can sit dormant for days before the attacks begin..."
    August 16, 2008

    (Screenshots at Sandi's URL above.)

    "... Consider the analogy of the elephant and the ant. The elephant is massive - the ant is miniscule, but the elephant is one, and the ants are millions. A swarm of ants can overwhelm anything if they put their minds to it, even the elephant. Now replace "elephant" with "Google" and "malicious web sites" with "ants"...
    The innocent days of the Internet as a wondrous, safe place that all can visit, and learn, and teach and share and explore without fear are gone. The criminals have taken that dream away from us. That is the reality..." // MS MVP Sandi Hardmeier -

    > Google Internet Backbone:

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