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Thread: spy bot on startup

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    Default spy bot on startup

    Hello all, another simple question, every time i start up my PC i get a balloon from the icon on the task bar telling me new processes are being scanned, is this normal ? Thank you,
    may i take this opportunity to wish all a very happy Christmas. and thank you for the help, it is comforting to know that there are more people willing to give up their time and help.

    as apposed to the low life scum sending out the viruses.
    Dic penderyn..
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    That is normal. You can turn it off by right-click on TeaTimer tray icon and click on "Show info balloons". If this doesn't help, try to search other threads which have same problem. Lots of people have trouble with this problem.

    Note: You have posted in Tavern. Tavern is a place to chat or ask general questions. Questions related to Spybot-S&D support/toolsshould be posted in the Spybot-S&D forum. Not in the tavern. ;-)ΕΎ

    You don't have to create a new thread again in Spybot-S&D forum. This thread will be moved soon as possible.

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