Hi Patmac,

Ok it sounds like your limited account profile is getting locked by Spybot. Let me explain what Spybot is doing. When you start Spybot from your Admin account, it will load any other user account profiles on the machine. It does this so it can scan all profiles for potential problems as well as immunize all accounts if you choose to do so. When Spybot is terminated, it should unload any other account profiles that were loaded. If it fails to unload your limited account profile then Windows will create a temporary profile when you try and log in to your limited account. A reboot should normally correct this problem. However some including myself have seen the reboot does not always clear the locked profile. In these cases a manual unload of the affected account must be done using regedit.

This problem has been corrected and is available in a Beta release. The beta is just the spybotsd.exe executable so just download zip file and replace the exe in your spybot folder. You may download the beta here

You do not need to kill Tea Timer before your scans. I do not use Tea Timer but if I had to guess the 100% CPU usage might of been related to your limited account profile being locked. Hope this helps and let us no if you still have problems using the latest beta.