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Thread: Request for new features

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    Lightbulb Request for new features

    I'd love to see the following features added:

    1) The new "We have located [N] temporary files" feature is utterly annoying. I presume there are lots more people like me who keep their temp files under control and don't want indiscriminate removal (even automatically, if you don't say "No" in time!) of them by any program whatsoever. It really should be possible to enable/disable this feature under Advanced Mode / Settings.

    2) It's a pity that you can't pause Spybot (like you can pause e.g. Win defrag). I've run into this problem several times with older machines, especially laptops, where cpu cooling is problematic. On one particular laptop Spybot could never complete a full scan, because the cpu overtemperature protection powered down the machine. Adding a "Pause" feature would make it possible to run Spybot on such machines too.

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    already suggested:

    Ask user if he wants temp folder cleaning

    post your suggestions in this thread
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    There's a pause button if you go to the Settings page and enable the additional/expert buttons for the results page

    Btw, if it's just for your own use, you can already deactivate the temp folder cleaning, see this wiki page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PepiMK View Post
    There's a pause button if you go to the Settings page and enable the additional/expert buttons for the results page

    I cant find it.

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    re: Pause during a scan.

    A pause button appears during a "Check for problems" if you indicate that you want to use the "Advanced mode" feature "Show expert buttons in results list.".

    To activate the feature, go into into Spybot » Mode » Advanced mode (answer yes to the warning message if necessary) » Settings » Settings. Scroll down to near the bottom of the option tree to a category titled "Expert settings". Check the item in the list "Show expert buttons in results list.".


    ░ Expert settings
    ├ □ Use shredder to remove usage tracks,
    ├ □ Use shredder when purging recovery files.
    ├ ■ Show expert buttons in results list.
    ├ □ Show expert buttons in recovery list.
    └ ░ External viewers
    ֺֺֺ ├ □ Use external viewer application for files
    ֺֺֺ ├ □ Use external viewer application for folders
    ֺֺֺ └ □ Use external viewer application for registry items

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    Oh I also didn't know this feature. But the pause button has the pause icon this is ok but when we press on the pause button the resume button appears but it's icon is still the pause icon. I hope i have been able to explain what i am trying to say
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