I'm using Secure Shredder to get rid of my photos before I send it back to HP, as this drive intermittently boots, and sometimes doesn't boot. Anyhow, it seems to be on a booting streak at the moment, haha.

The problem seems to be that, everytime I use the Secure Shredder to shred my photos, CHKDSK runs at boot time.

1st time I was getting "Inserting an index entry into index $0 of file 25". That kept on repeating for at least a few minutes until everything was fixed fine and rebooted. So I thought, okay, maybe a fluke thing, and from my brand new drive I just installed that HP sent me to replace this bad one. (I know it's bad because my BIOS Hard drive diagnostic tool message states REPLACE HARDDISK.

The 2nd Secure Shredder session yielded this message
" Recovering orphaned file _DSF6436.JPG (1812) into directory file 1778.
Recovering orphaned file _DSF6436.RAF (1813) into directory file 1778." The strange thing is that I haven't deleted these files yet, but a folder or two ahead of it. That is strange.

So is it normal to have CHKDSK run everytime I use Secure Shredder from Spybot S&D?

Thanks in advance.