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Thread: Spywarecease in RegistryEasy.exe file

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    Default Spywarecease in RegistryEasy.exe file

    I shut down my PC cleanly and when I started up again I noticed icon missing from my desktop - Registry Easy - it is gone from my PC, I don't know how. So I decided to download the installation file again. Did that and ran my anti-virus on the .exe file and also did the Spybot check which showed what can be seen in the screenshot that the file is infected with SpywareCease. Is the .exe file infected or not?

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    Because this is the Heuristics portion of Spybot-Search&Destroy's scanner there is a possibility that this is a F/P. I would suggest that you report this to the False Positive subforum in the Spybot-S&D Forum (which is here, but there'll be subforums at the top of the threads page).

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