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Thread: FeatureReq: IDLE-Scan & sheduler-warnings and a quick-incomplete-scan

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    Default FeatureReq: IDLE-Scan & sheduler-warnings and a quick-incomplete-scan


    i often see users who don't really know about how to keep their system clean. Mostly they have a lot of tools installed like hijackthis, Spybot etc. by someone else but they don't use it just because they don't know how.

    - I would like to see a feature, that starts a scan (once a day or week) when the computer is IDLE and e.g. the screensaver ist running.

    - Another point would be to display warnings when the last scan is long ago. A lot of people i know only scan their systems for viruses because their antivirus-program reminds them.

    - a sheduler that periodically starts automated updates and scans would be a nice feature (but there should be a category of malware that is NOT automatically removed - if it is known to possibly harm the system - e.g. removing an infected userinit.exe is not a good idea)

    - having an opportunity to make a "quick scan" that only scans for the actually "most popular" malware would be a nice feature as one can clean the system from the newer malware that slows down the system instead of searching for all of the older Entries with low speed until reaching the entries at the end of the database - just using the database in reverse order would be similar to what i would like to see here. Mostly spyware is recognised at the end of the scan. Reporting anonymous statistics of the malware that has been found on a system could create a database of the most spread malware that one can use for such a "quick-incomplete-scan"

    - a quick start of "DoThemAll" would be nice: an entry within the contextmenue of TeaTimer: start "SpybotSD.exe
    /easymode /autocheck /autofix /autoupdate /autoimmunize /autoclose"

    i often give this as a desktop link to people who don't understand how to use Spybot.

    i have read the feature-requests, but i hope not to have suggestet something that is already there (but i just didn't see it) or that is already planned for future versions.

    thanks a lot for reading & have a nice day


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    Hello Sven,

    There is already a sheduler and a quick scan.

    1. Please run Spybot-S&D in "Advanced Mode" and go to "Settings" --> "Scheduler". Hit the "Edit" button at the top of the "Scheduler" section in Spybot-S&D. Then hit "OK". Now you are asked to enter the password (your windows account password).

    Please consider the following link in order to see how to use the Scheduler:

    2. Please run Spybot - Search & Destroy and switch to "Advanced mode" via the menu bar item "Mode" and select "Settings" --> "File Sets" in the left bar. There, please right-click somewhere into the list and choose "Minimal spyware check" or "Spyware check only".

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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