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Thread: v 1.6 – 'access denied' problem during install

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    Question v 1.6 – 'access denied' problem during install

    I'm very concerned re changes to my system when I updated for Spybot S&D v 1.6 recently.

    During the installation of v1.6 from Safer-Networking, the process did not go to completion - got a Code 5 (deletion of about 3-4 files failed - access denied. It made reference to file TCPIP_Address.dll).

    Then, I D/L'd v1.6 from CNET, because of the above problem,
    I uninstalled v1.5, then installed v 1.6.
    Updates since then from Safer-Networking have D/L'd much slower than previously was the case.
    Also the number of files in the system increased by almost 100,000 about the time of the install.

    I also note that I have 2 lines in Add/Remove Programs for Spybot
    - a module 11.63 MB in size (v and
    - a module 36.98MB in size

    I waited a couple of weeks before trying the install on a second computer, but had much the same result – got an ‘access denied’ warning during installation.
    Am I missing something here?

    Have the update files changed in format? After updating a couple of days ago, it currently appears that there are 10 files to be downloaded – with the ‘Most Up-to-date detections’ 1 MB in size – dated 2008-09-03.

    Is there something I can check to make sure I got a proper copy of the program & that it is functioning correctly?
    The Program Files\Spybot S&D folder shows the current SpybotSD.exe to be size 4,891,984 bytes v 1.6 July 30, 2008.

    Also, is v 1.5 still supported – I might have to revert to it for a while.

    Many Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Seems all correct.
    When you install the new version the updates are also downloaded.
    But you can skip this is you want during the installation and download the updates later.
    Just untick the checkbox in front of "download updates during installation".

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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