A few days ago I have submitted a malware (see: http://forums.spybot.info/showthread.php?t=33468) and received a mail that is has been added to the detections and said i could download the new detections on wednesday. So on wednesday i have downloaded the detection updates and scanned the malware i have submitted and spybot couldn't find the malware. So i tought that maybe it hasn't been added to the detections or that there was a problem with the right click scan. So i have downloaded well known keyloggers and a trojan. I have downloaded ardamax, golden keylogger, perfect keylogger and the prorat trojan. I scanned all those files and spybot only detected perfect keylooger and it detected it with heuristcs. So i think there is a problem with the right click menu scan. I am using the latest spybot version on windows vista home pre.