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Thread: Problems having removed Virtumonde

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    Default Problems having removed Virtumonde


    a friend has removed virtumonde malware from my PC using Windows XP Home.

    Well, the system seems to be clean. BUT: The little icon showing the security status says: 'You don't have activated the automatic update. Double click onto this icon: I cannot acitivate 'Automatisches Update'. Looking to Start -> Einstellungen -> System -> Automatisches Updates the radio button shows that this Update-option is activated. What does that mean?

    Opening 'explorer.exe' I cannot see the hard disk c: I've to go to start -> Ausführen and can there type 'c: ' into the little box ...

    Has anobody an idea for me ? Thank you.


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    Please see the stickied procedure for this forum: "BEFORE you POST"(READ this Procedure BEFORE Requesting Assistance)

    Start a new topic providing the HJT log if you can, if not please let us know. I will then close this one as helpers look for threads without a response.

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